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Wabaunsee High School Bulletin for Thursday, April 24, 2014

DAILY EVENTS @ WHS Please check the USD 329 website for activities & events daily @ Wabaunsee High School. Updates are made daily due to changes in schedules & inclement weather. http://calendar.usd329.com/webevent/scripts/webevent.plx


4/1 Chicken pattie, mashed potatoes w/gravy, green beans, apples, ww roll. 4/2 Pigs 'n blanket, french fries, peas & applesauce. 4/3 Chili frito pie, carrots, pears & cake w/strawberries. 4/4 Stuffed crust cheese pizza, cucumber, celery & fruit cocktail. 4/7 Taco burger, french fries, peas & pears. 4/8 Corndog, tator tots, carrot sticks & applesauce. 4/9 Chicken fry steak, mashed potatoes w/gravy, carrots, fruit cocktail, ww roll. 4/10 Chicken & noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, oranges & ww roll. 4/11 Macaroni & cheese w/little smokies, salad w/romaine, apples & bread. 4/14 Hamburger, tator tots, baked beans & pineapple tidbits. 4/15 Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, carrots, fresh apples, ww roll. 4/16 Chili, celery, cucumber, peaches & cinnamon roll. 4/17 Beefy nachos, green beans, orange & cookie. 4/18 GOOD FRIDAY - NO SCHOOL. 4/21 Pizza, salad w/romaine, cucumber, celery & pineapple tidbits. 4/22 Taco soup, tortilla chips, fresh broccoli, pears & cookie. 4/23 Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes w/gravy, carrots, oranges & roll. 4/24 Spaghetti w/meat sauce, green beans, peaches, Italian bread. 4/25 Chicken quesadillas, refried beans, corn & applesauce. 4/28 Corndog, tator tots, carrot sticks & applesauce. 4/29 Mr. Ribb, mashed potatoes, carrots, pears & bread. 4/30 Macaroni & cheese w/little smokies, salad w/romaine, apples & bread.

ADVISOR BASE SCHEDULE - APRIL 4/1 Mock Crash 8:30am-12noon 4/3 FCCLA members attending STATE, FCA 4/4 Senior Class Meeting, Basketball Meeting, Football Meeting 4/8 StuCo 4/10 FCCLA Officers 4/11 Sophomore Class Meeting 4/15 SkillsUSA members competing in Wichita 4/17 FCCLA 4/18 NO SCHOOL 4/22 Senior Class Meeting 4/25 Junior Class Officers meet w/Randy Johnson (Jostens)

Daily A/B Schedule - APRIL 4/1 A 4/2 B 4/3 A 4/4 B 4/7 A 4/8 B 4/9 A 4/10 B 4/11 A 4/14 B 4/15 A 4/16 B 4/17 A 4/18 NO SCHOOL - GOOD FRIDAY 4/21 B 4/22 A 4/23 B 4/24 A 4/25 B 4/28 A 4/29 B 4/30 A

Summer Driver's Ed Fees Due Please pay the fees in full in the office by May 1st

Senior Graduation Flowers The senior class will order and pay for 2 flowers for Grads to hand out during the Ceremony. If you want more than two, orders/payment is due to Mrs. Smith by Thursday, April 24th. White roses with blue edges. $4 each. If payment is not met, order will not be made.

CHARGERS OF THE WEEK - Halen, Kolten & Nick CHARGERS OF THE WEEK: Seniors Halen Hier, Kolten Johnson & Nick Terrapin

Positive character actions observed: Leadership & volunteerism
Thank you, Halen, for taking charge and organizing a group to help out! Thank you, Kolten, Nick and Halen for volunteering to help clean up our town! Thanks for representing WHS positively!

SkillsUSA BBQ The annual SkillsUSA BBQ will be held on Wednesday, May 7th at 11:51am in the wood shop. All members, faculty & staff are invited. Come hungry!

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