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Wabaunsee High School Bulletin for Saturday, April 30, 2016

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ATHLETIC TRAINER Athletic Trainer, Brad Parry will be available to see students and/or athletes on Monday & Thursday mornings. Each student must have a consent form signed by a parent/guardian in the office in order to utilize his services.

April Lunches All meals served with 1/2 Pint of Milk... Menu subject to change... 4/11-Cheese Breadsticks w/marinara sauce, corn, peaches, cookie; 4/12-Mac&Cheese, smokies, peas, applesauce, croutons; 4/13-Chicken pattie, mashed potatoes w/gravy, green beans, mandarin oranges, ww roll; 4/14-Pizza, salad of romaine, cucumber & celery, pineapple; 4/15-Chili, string cheese, carrots, oranges, cinnamon roll; 4/18-Chicken stir-fry, baked brown rice, salad of romaine, pineapple; 4/19-Chicken rigatoni, sala w/ressing, carrot sticks oranges; 4/20-Chicken Fried Steak, m potatoes w/gravy, carrots, peaches, ww roll; 4/21-Spaghetti w/meat sauce, green beans, pears, ranch french bread; 4/22-Chicken nuggets, french fries, baked beans, fresh apples croutons; 4/25-Soft taco, refried beans, tortilla chips, applesauce; 4/26-Chicken noodle soup, broccoli, peaches, cinnamon roll; 4/27-Salisbury steak, m potatoes w/gravy, carrots, pears, ww roll; 4/28-Pigs n blanket, french fries, corn, pineapple; 4/29-Beefy nachos, green beans, apples, rice krispie treat, croutons.

April Breakfasts All Meals served with 1/2 Pint Milk, Graham Crackers, Fruit or Juice offered daily. Entree may be substituted with Cereal Daily... 4/11-Breakfast Pizza; 4/12 Chicken Nuggets, biscuits; 4/13-Scrambled eggs, Toast; 4/14-French Toast, Sausage; 4/15-Breakfast Pizza; 4/18-Ham & Cheese Combo; 4/19-Breakfast Burritos; 4/20-Pumpkin Choc Chip Muffin; 4/21-Pancake, Sausage; 4/22-Breakfast Pizza; 4/25-Breakfast Pizza; 4/26-Breakfast Round; 4/27-Toasted Chees Sandwich; 4/28Biscuits/Sausage Gravy; 4/29-Breakfast Pizza.

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